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Our Dreams to Change The World We want to contribute to the world, not only with the product but also with the attitude, discipline, honor, and etc. That's why we want our dreams to change the world with all of we can do, because we want to be the best.
Improve to Makes Good Products Our purpose is to make satisfaction for customer. Many ways we have change with the best we can do, just to improve our product, to makes a good product. Because we want to be the best in Indonesia.
Available in Various Shapes and Characteristics PT FUMIRA have various shapes and characteristics in order to fulfill the need of our customers. PT FUMIRA products can change depends on  
International Standard Quality In order to make customer believes about PT FUMIRA product, our company have international sertificates of quality products. There are SAI Global in requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and IQNet in the same field.
Quality Satisfaction Guarantee PT FUMIRA very concern about quality product. This means that every product must be past the quality control in order to give satisfaction for customers. The customers must be proud of the product PT FUMIRA when they use them, because the product is and will allways be quality Satisfaction Guarantee.



The galvanized sheets and coils manufactured by Fumira are resistant to corrosion and have a zinc coating that is achieved throught a special adhesion process. This is even further enhanced by a chemical treatment specifically to prevent the formation of white rust on the zinc-coated surfaces.

Fumira has a galvanizing line utilizing the newest continuous annealing furnaces, designed by the Nippon Steel Corporation in Japan. Recently, the company has introduced a FUMIRAGRIP SP-1 that is ideal for home appliances, the automotive industry and other automotive applications.

The galvanized skin passed sheets and coils possess an excellent surface finish, perfect for aesthetically attractive products. our product has broad appeal and is used widely for the production of air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, diswashers, coolers, microwave ovens, and computers. For heavy goods they are used in bus bodies, automobile components and color tinted sheets and coils.

Fumira galvanized sheets, corrugated sheets and coils are used around the world, specifically in major international markets such as Europe, the United States, Canada, China, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.


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