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Compodeck Instalation

The optional COMPODECK panel length reaches up to 2 to 3 spans at a time. The gap between the ends should be as minimal as possible. The overlap on the sides of the COMPODECK sheet should be fastened every 500 mm using a 5 mm diameter rivet or a self drilling screw (10 x 16 mm, S point hex head or water head) for the whole length of the COMPODECK sheet. The shear connectors for supporting lateral load should have a maximum diameter of 20 mm and a height of 40 mm.

1. Installation for steel construction

Adjust the COMPODECK in position before fastening permanently. The end of the COMPODECK sheet should overlap the beams by a minimum of 50 mm. COMPODECK can be welded to the steel framework for not more than 340 mm across the width of the COMPODECK.




2. Installation for concrete frame construction

Adjust the COMPODECK sheets into position before fastening permanently. The end of the COMPODECK sheets should overlap the concrete beams by a minimum of 30 mm on concrete frames. Especially for concrete constructuon, if the support beam is a T beam, then the COMPODECK is attached as a single slab across two support (the concrete slab is done together with the steel sheet). If the supporting concrete beam has already been made, then it must first be prepared with anchors, and then the COMPODECK installed as a continuous beam.




3. Installation for masonry wall construction

Adjust the COMPODECK sheets into position before fastening permanently. It is best to be sure that the desired spot on the brick wall where the COMPODECK is attached, is one brick ending with a "rollag" at the top. The COMPODECK can then be fastened with anchors or concrete nails.