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The concrete must have a minimum compressive strength of 210 kg/cm2 or 21 MPa at 28 days. Any additives in the concrete must not contain elements that can damage the galvanized sheet. Ready mix concrete is ideal.

When concreting, we recommend using board as walkways for workers and wheelbarrows.


Note :

Excessive concrete heaps and heavy load concentration should be avoided.


While concreting, concrete should be thoroughly compacted and secondary reinforcements placed about 20 mm from the top of the slab.

The underside of the COMPODECK can be exposed or enclosed. If it is exposed, the side of the COMPODECK can be paint using attractive colors.

It can also be covered with ceiling, install using :

  • Anchor, which placed before concreting.
  • Hanger, which placed at the ribs of COMPODECK.