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The filan result depends not only on the plans and quality of materials chosen, but also depends on exact and proper installation of the roof. In order to get the best results using PT Fumira products, follow the installation derections below.


Wind direction

Determine the direction that the wind blows during the rainy season. The roof should be installed facing against that wind direction.


Inspect the top surface of the supports for the roof. Be sure it is well painted, then ensure that no bumpy objects or metal are left on that area. Otherwise, damages may be caused to the roof  sheeting as a result. If the top surface area of the supports is unpainted, this may cause damage to the roof sheeting and the durability of the following Fumira roof sheets : Zinc-coated, Colorcoat and Al-Zn coated.


The quality of metal fasteners and screws may affect the durability of the roof. Fasteners must be galvanized with a unichrome coating. To protect the roof sheet from the fastener head, use galvanized metal washer and rubber washers. Be sure that the diameter of the rubber washer is greater than the head of the metal fastener.



Installation Process

Step One

Raise the roof sheets up onto the roof support with the lower and upper rib sides facing the same direction. In this process, only a few roof sheets need to be raised up at a time, piled and tied to the roof support. The number of sheets at a time should be done in accordance to the requirements of the column or section.

Step two

For buildings wquipped with an air circulation monitor, begin the process of roofing around the base of this portion. Buildings with horisontal gutters should also have the gutter line used as the starting point, laying the upper rib (with no anti - capillary) of the first sheet on the side roof edge.

After attaching the first sheet properly, place the second sheet so that the upper rib overlaps the bottom rib of the lower sheet. For large buildings, a long stretch joint may be needed. In order to ensure perfect joint extension and prevent damage or accidents during the installation, workers should walk along the area indicated in the diagram here : After installing a few sheets along Row A, begin attaching sheets along Row B, and then Row C. Rows A, B and C must be finished on the same day. Workers should not walk along the rooftop installed the previous day.


Walking on Roofing

While installing the G-680 roof, Fumira recommends workers only walk on the steep upper part of the corrugated sheet. Workers should distribute their weight by placing each foot on three peaks of the corrugated sheet at a time. Only the F-714, GG-750 and I-600 allow for workers to walk on the valley folds of the corrugated sheet while installing. For all roofing types, worker should always walk or standing on supports line/purlin.



When Joining the corrugated roofing sheets along the side, the sheets only need to overlap by one wave. The minimal joint for overlapping is 200 mm. For roofs with an angle less than 50 , a minimumjoint of 300 mm and sealant is required.


Drilling Holes

An electric drill or screwdriver is needed for making the holes for the fasteners and screws. The steel powder residue from the drilling should be cleaned immediately as it may cause rust on the roof surface. We recommend that chisels nit be used for punching holes as it may lead to roof leaks and further damage in the future.